Click To Call

Click To Call

Convert your website visitors into Potential Clients Using our Click to Call service. You can create widgets which can be easily integrated into any of your existing webpages, blogs, customer portal etc.

Once you integrated the widget into your page the widget will be shown in that page and when a website visitor requires any clarifications before availing your services or products they can simply enter their contact number into the widget and your potential client gets an incoming call which connects your agent directly with your potential client. And all this happens in real time.

We provide inbuilt call log and call management feature with our web based panel with each Click to Call account. So now manage and have full control over your Click to Call application. And you can create multiple click to call buttons or callus free buttons for multiple websites using our application.

Our Click to Call package or commonly know as free internet call from website, is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.

Our Click to Call Button for Website lead generation is widely used in retail and ecommerce websites!

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