Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp has touched more than billion lives on this planet. Making every 1 of 7 people on this planet accessible and connected via this very easy to use mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook for whopping 19 billion dollars.

Since, WhatsApp is predominantly the most active mobile app used by it's user to interact with their friends, family and business contacts. The main reason that adds energy to the WhatsApp marketing is its mobility. WhatsApp allows to send and receive Text, Audio, Video anywhere any time. No specific installation of plug-in and tools required.

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing :

  • You can easily send Text/ Image/ Audio/ Video/ Vcard/ Location messages to any part of the world without any additional charges.

  • All tools are very easy to use.

  • You can use your Excel/CSV file format to attach contact list for sending WhatsApp massages

  • You can target your Premium clients.

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